Communication and Negotiation Skills

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“Communication – The meaning of communication is the response it elicits”

To be successful in any part of our lives -personal or professional, it is essential that one has excellent interaction skills.

Our effective communication & negotiation workshop is designed to provide you with the essential skills that are required to be able to communicate and negotiate effectively and appropriately in either a personal or business atmosphere for that interaction to be successful.

To be able to negotiate successfully, it is crucial that you know what motivates the other party and how to handle difficult people in order to get a yes-yes situation.

Our interactive workshop will provide you with key tools that are needed to be able to communicate with colleagues, clients, friends and family in a much more positive, confident and impactful manner.

It is essential, whether in your professional or personal life that you are able to effectively pass on your message to the person you are communicating with, and that the person has received your message in the way it was intended.

We will teach you to become more self aware and to understand emotional intelligence, and how to use it effectively in order to avoid misunderstandings and recurring mistakes.

Through lots of practical exercises, discussions and role plays we will provide you with essential communication and negotiation skills to improve your interactions and lead a much more fulfilled life.

Workshop objectives:

  • Defining communication and effective communication
  • Discovering and using active listening skills
  • Building confidence in order to persuade and negotiate effectively
  • Developing Influencing and conflict management strategies
  • The art of framing and persuasion
  • Developing techniques for joint decision making
  • Learning the impact of body language and tone and how to use these effectively
  • Developing your own communication style
  • Developing your action plan in order to make your communication more effective in any aspect of your life

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