Customer Experience Training

First Impressions are the Only Impressions

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Customer Experience Training

First Impressions……. are the only ones that count

Every business wants to make a lasting impression on their customers. To make a positive impression is what counts.  Our workshop will empower and guide you on how to create the relationship between your customers and your business a strong, long lasting relationship.

It is essential that employees know the skills required to be able to engage fully with their customers.  Building  rapport creates the ability to retain customers, providing customers with excellent customer service keeps them loyal.

Our aim will be to provide you with key customer service skills and principals that will ensure that every customer leaves with a smile at your business. We will train your staff to be customer-focused, team –orientated and to be self aware in order to provide unforgettable customer service that will leave your customers satisfied and content with their interaction with your business.

Workshop objectives:

  • Establishing a powerful first impression
  • Developing an understanding of emotional intelligence and how to apply it
  • How to deal with difficult customers
  • Building a strong rapport and trust with customers
  • Acquiring excellent active listening skills and empathy to deal with customers
  • Conflict management skills
  • Dealing with difficult customers and taking ownership
  • Complaints resolution
  • Creating customer loyalty
  • Understanding customer needs, wants and expectations
  • Developing techniques to ensure repeat business

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