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Connecting Customers to Sales

The key to every successful business, is how well it stands out from the crowd. The workshops will help you define the crucial aspects that are required to grow your business using clever marketing. It is essential that you are up to date and using the latest strategies and tactics to ensure your business is a known business.

BluEdge will equip you with distinct strategies that will help you attract new clients, business loyalty and gain repeat business.  It’s vital for every business to have a clear, strong marketing strategy t

It’s essential for every business to know who their target market is, ensuring that the business is not wasting money and time in the wrong place.

Learn what your targeted clients needs, want and thought processes are and gain an advantage over your competitors by being the first choice

“Marketing is the life line of your business – so create your own dynamic way to stand out!”

Media planning

Online? TV? Radio? EDM? OOH? Print? Confused?​

Media planning and buying have become a science and black art in today’s world of fragmentation, the ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT – you will hear more and more of this!), and how audiences consume information.

BluEdge works with programmatic advertising strategies to deliver your business the correct audience with the correct mediums.

Our media planning is state of the art and leading edge.  We can simply plan your media or provide you a full service of negotiating and buying.

Marketing strategy

Connecting marketing investment to measurable sales results is imperative in today’s cluttered media market.

BluEdge are experts at creating marketing strategies that are engaging, they drive transactional results and drive profit.

We have the experience, we work with you to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.

We connect your marketing investment to your sales.


  • Learn processes that will help you complete market research
  • Learn clear, concise and organised ways to present offers to the market
  • Develop instrumental key strategies to source clients
  • Using finances effectively on the correct targets
  • Building your own distinctive brand
  • Learning to stand out in a competitive market and keeping up with the current trends
  • How to reach your target market and attracting new clients
  • Develop powerful marketing strategies to make a dynamic impact

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