Our Team

“Within every great company there is strength and vision in individuals”

Glen Coates

I have worked as a Consultant and trainer for a numerous number of years and have been involved in setting up training colleges in Sydney, Melbourne and Dubai. I find that you never stop learning, and can be taught something new anytime as long as you have a desire to learn.

After years in the hospitality sector I felt the desire to teach others the skills that I had gained. First employed within TAFE then private training companies, I quickly moved to Head Trainer, then a Director of Studies at different RTO’s and now a Principal of a RTO in Western Sydney. Having vast experience in Auditing/training/management and compliance, I look forward to and am very passionate about teaching and passing on my knowledge and experience to help individuals and companies to reach their potential and exceed.

It is vital for every business to always look at their business from the consumers point of view as this is what ultimately determines the success of the business, and thus this is where experience and the ability to make the right decisions count.

My motto is “ Experience, determination and the right people equals  success”.