Our Team

“Within every great company there is strength and vision in individuals”

Subhashni Devi Ram

Welcome to BluEdge….my pride… passion.

As theManaging Director of BluEdge, my experience comes from running my own Registered Training Organisation (RTO) along with training and coaching in partner organisations. Like all of us at BluEdge, I noticed the same phenomena of displaced communication strategies within organisations and became passionate about revolutionising the way we do business.

I love and enjoy what we do, and believe in going the extra mile each time in everything that we do. Our vision is to make any company that I work with stand out and be exceptional from the rest.

My motto is “fail to plan and plan to fail’

We have found that once a company or organisation has been given a guideline, whether self-created or government administered, it is easier and faster to implement it, and, have the same company working efficiently and with growing success.

Being a trainer, coach and compliance manager for many years, I have developed a natural talent to create and implement compliance materials, create business plans, execute training and coaching plans, and, coach and train business leaders to implement  these tools themselves.

My colleagues come from unique versatile backgrounds and are highly experienced and equipped to transform and understand any company’s requirements and needs. We are passionate and strongly believe in “innovation, being dynamic and standing out”.

I welcome you to come and take the journey with us, and we will make your experience with us an exceptional and rewarding one.