Our Team

“Within every great company there is strength and vision in individuals”

Suzana Goceva

My main objective is to allow people or businesses to recognise their knowledge and skills, and how to convey and duplicate them. And by repeating the same, can build a strong flexible business, coach and allow them to experience their ability for quick adaptation to work or life circumstances, plan and create flexibility, versatility and maximise on the individuals intellect and or commercial capacity which allows for the individual or business an opportunity for exponential growth.

Throughout the years of dealing with people from all walks of life, I have developed a natural talent to explore opportunities, knowledge and skills. My technical education background has given me the ability to notice the minute details of how when and where breaks and breakdowns in any form of business, communication or relationship occur, and how to quickly and effectively rectify the situation and bring it back to equilibrium.

Being also a manager, coach and owner of companies and business with the use of NLP communication strategies, I have the ability to see the big picture of any company, goal or life plan, the ability to align coach and walk with all aspects of business to assist in their growth and expansion.

I have been in this field since 1986, either developing and running business or developing and coaching others to do the same.

My knowledge and skill has allowed me to experience and develop domestic/ international business and has allowed me to coach in diverse areas and bridge cultural gaps when dealing on an international level. In doing that, I have left behind successful trainers and coaches that continue to work and replicate the results.