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Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Workshops

To be a able to give a successful presentation, one has to be able to inspire , be confident and be very effective in the art of public speaking. We believe that in order to inspire others, it is essential that you possess confidence in yourself to deliver informative, persuasive and dynamic presentations that provoke thought amongst the target audience.

BluEdge workshops will help you deliver high impact presentations, whether it be in a formal or informal situation that will leave a long lasting impression.

The key to a successful presentation is how you engage with the audience, and to keep the audience engaged. You need to be confident, energised and positive, energising and motivating your audience.

If you fear public speaking, we will guide and equip you with the essential skills required to overcome your fears. This creates the confidence you need to deliver the presentation that you have always wanted.

Understanding your body language, maintaining an outgoing and positive attitude, is crucial in engaging your with your audience. This ensures that the target audience is not bored and are enthusiastically interested in what you are saying.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Developing an awareness of effective and positive body language and eye contact techniques and gestures
  • Overcoming nerves and fears to speak and present with confidence
  • Developing excellent verbal and non verbal communication strategies, and walking patterns on stage
  • Ensuring that your message has been delivered in the manner intended
  • Engaging the target audience and handling questioning
  • Using effective and dynamic presentation tools
  • Learning to present and speak with clarity, composure and confidence
  • Understanding different learning styles
  • Ensuring you prepare high impact , dynamic and thorough presentations and speeches every time

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