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To be world class, Sales Training and Coaching are essential to drive success.

  • You need sales.  
  • You need customers.  
  • You need to be profitable.  

The three are all linked to your success.

Staying ahead of the competition is the key to success.  Driving new revenue through customer acquisition pushes profitability.  Sales teams are finely tuned performers and just like elite athletes, need a training regime and coaching keeping them at peak performance.

BluEdge will keep you and your sales professionals at the top of the game.

We deliver high performance sales training workshops which will empower you and your business to increase revenue, through equipping you with essential skills required to lead in the sales market.

Our workshops will train you and your team to generate great sales results.

At BluEdge, we believe in building genuine relationships for the long term and as such will lead to increased business, increased repeat business and social referrals.

We believe that being congruent and caring about your clients is the KEY to a successful and lasting business relationship.

Sales Training Workshops

  • The sales cycle
  • Relationship Management/ Building rapport with clients
  • How to utilise USP’s (Unique Selling Point) in a sales environment
  • Understanding customers/clients purchasing cycles
  • Placing customer’s goals, problems and needs first
  • Reducing cost of sale
  • Increase forecasting accuracy
  • Improving selling skills that impact the bottom line

Sales Coaching

  • Peak performance development
  • Key drivers to success, professionally & personally
  • Development of skills
  • Leadership

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